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SRST specifics


my customer has three branches configured for SRST which works fine under normal conditions. they all connect to central site via fibre using one of the ethernet interfaces on the router.

my issue is that these fibre lines have issues where my ethernet interface constantly resets. this affects voice quality as well as other issues where the phones are in a "stick" state etc. i would like to configure the system to failover to the srst system when it notices the "flapping" of the fibre line?

how should i go about this. we are currently using eigrp. im thinking, do some type of object tracking so in the case of flapping, shut the link down therefore go to SRST.

any ideas?



Re: SRST specifics

You can set KA to be short, so that phones failover fast. This has a disadvantage that your phones may go back and forth if link keeps flapping. You can set connection monitor duration to a higher value so that when phones goes from SRST back to callmanager, it will wait a longer duration to see if its properly receiving KA's.

Another way to fix this is like you said to do object tracking, and take the default route out to main site , based on a certain events. I am not sure if you can take a route out, based on a link flap. Will have to do some homework on that..


Re: SRST specifics


i did adjust the keepalives but i ran into more issues. the connection monitor duration was also adjusted but no real change was noticed.

To give a better idea of the flapping, i cleared the counters, and in approximately 3 mins i had 24 interface resets, obviously affecting the voice.

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