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SRST support in IOS 12.2(2)XG

Has anyone had any success running SRST on a 26XX or 36XX router running IOS 12.2(2)XG? I loaded the IOS on my 2600 and noticied the commands are available but the doc's on cco do not mention that SRST is supported on the 26XX or 36XX with the 12.2(2)XG IOS revision.

Cisco Employee

Re: SRST support in IOS 12.2(2)XG

12.1(5)YDX versions are the only versions where SRST/IPKeyswitch is currently supported.

12.2(7)T will be the first T version to support these features.

Note that there will be other special X or Y versions later on that will also support these features.

New Member

Re: SRST support in IOS 12.2(2)XG

I was also informed that 12.1(5)YD is limited to only supported PRI switch type 5ESS and the upcoming 12.1(5)YD3 will have many new supported features like MGCP.

Cisco Employee

Re: SRST support in IOS 12.2(2)XG

It's actually ISDN switch type NET5 (PRI signaling used in much of Europe) and not 5ESS.

I'm not too sure about the MGCP stuff.

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