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SRST (v 3.1) not working - HELP!

I have a setup with CCM4.0 with SRST enabled. I have two experimental remote sites in which I have a Cisco1760 Router with ver 12.3(7.11)T installed to provide SRST. With the WAN working I can make calls to the main office with no problems. However, when i simulate WAN unavailability through access-lists, the phone keeps searching for Callmanager and does not register with the local SRST router. I have configured Callmanager with all the SRST steps required i.e. SRST reference and gateway as well as the device pool.

DHCP is being provided by the SRST router and the phone is getting an IP address.

What could I be missing that the phone cannot register with the local SRST gateway router? I am using the 7912G phone. Is there any other configuration that needs to be done on Callmanager or on thr router? I have attached the router configuration.

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Re: SRST (v 3.1) not working - HELP!


You missing some SRST configuration. Please go through the below link.

Your TFTP and default router configuration is not there. Follow the steps in that link. You should be able to bring up the srst mode.

Let me know if you still face the issue.



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Re: SRST (v 3.1) not working - HELP!

Actually have gone through this admin guide through and through. The file I sent was not correct as i have been trying different configurations. With that file I was using a 3550 switch as a DHCP server and all DHCP, TFTP and option 150 was set in the switch. I have attached the correct file configured as you suggest but still SRST is not working.

I would like to know whether I need also to reset CCM after adding the SRST references and device pool configurations?? as all suggested configurations have been attempted.

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Re: SRST (v 3.1) not working - HELP!

What locale are you using on CallManager? If it is other than the default, you'll need to specify which locale in the call-manager-fallback config.

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