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SRST with CCM 3.0(10)

I'm looking for a version of SRST/IOS tested with CCM 3.0(10).

I've seen the questions posted at the following link:

but since we tried few months ago the 12.1.5YD and was not working with 3.0(10) (but it worked with 3.1.1a), I was wondering if someone already did some tests with 3.0(10).

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Re: SRST with CCM 3.0(10)

I have not tested with 3.0(10), howerver, 12.1(5)YD3 works fine with 3.0(11)....use P003F302 for phone loads....setup using H.323 for CM support. I would suggest that you double check the caveats and think about upgrading to 3.0(11/12)....

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Re: SRST with CCM 3.0(10)

Hi there,

we made some tests with CCM 3.0(10), SRST 12.1.5YD4 and phone loads P003E310 and it doesn't work.

But if we use phones with FW Loads P00303010102 (that is the one available with 3.1.(2c)) it works fine.


- May I use phones with FW loads from 3.1(2c) with CCM 3.0(xx) without any implications??

- Where I can find a FW load working in SRST for CCM versions 3.0(xx)??

- How did you get the P003F302?


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Re: SRST with CCM 3.0(10)

P003E310 does not have SRS capability. We use P003D302 or P003E302 (see the SRS software download link)

The 3.1 images do not work correctly with 3.0(x) versions. We recently tried just the image you mentioned and had problems.

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