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I am using SRTS on my 2651xm-v voice gateway, but not over the WAN. Basically, I have configured SRST on the local gateway in a CCM4.1.3 environment.

I was testing with an IP Phone by blocking port 2000 from the phone to CCM. The phone registers with the SRST router.

I have several issues though:

1. My extension range is 37xx and 67xx in my dial plan. When in SRST mode, my ext 3701 can call all IP phones in the 37xx range, but cannot call any phone in the 67xx range.

2. When in SRST mode and I call my ext 3701 or DID 4162783701, I am transfered to my voice mail immediately, without my phone ringing.

3. which brings me to my 3rd issue :-) After I leave a message, my MWI (mwi on 5900)light does not come on in SRST mode. I cannot dial my MWI on and off 5900 and 5901. I think it is the same reason as issue 1.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.


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Re: SRST3.3

1. Do you see the phones register with SRST? Can 67XX DNs call 37XX, or other 67XX DNs

2. What do your dial-peers look like? Paste your config, if your devices DNs are 4 digit you will need to translate the incomming called numbers to the 4 digit DN

3. MWI will not work in SRST, you can go by number of missed calls message and if you see one check the VM


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Re: SRST3.3

Thanks for you reply Chris. I have attached my config. I just want to clarify one of my issues. When I said I could not dial from ext 67xx to 37xx, the reason was that ext 37xx was still registered with CCM. Once I failed 37xx to SRST mode, I was able to call between the ext range. So my fault ;-)

ok I understand that mwi will not work in SRST. But the issues I am having now are:

1. When I push the message button in SRST mode, it does not say "please enter your password followed by the # key". Instead, I get the "Cisco Unity messaging system, from a touch tone telephone..."

I can press the * key, sign in and retrieve the message, but the users will find this painfull.

2. When I call my DID 4162786701 at times it does not ring at all and goes straight to my voice mail. it plays my standard greeting, and I can leave a message and the retrieve it.

If I call my DID again, it will ring. If I do not answer the call, instead of going to my personal standard voicemail greeting. I get "Hello Cisco Unity messaging system, from a touch tone telephone, you can dial an extension at anytime"

These are the two issues left. Thanks

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Re: SRST3.3

In addition to my earlier post, I have noticed that when I press the message button when in SRST mode, my calling number is 96701 instead of 6701.

This might explain why I cannot access Unity as a subscriber. I am trying to find out from my config where the 9 gets input.

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