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SS7 / R2 support

Does anyone know if the following scenario works?

Having Switches for Telephony (cell phones), I want to connect them to a device (router , Voice Gateway or whatever) that can handle not only VoIP, but also R2 or SS7 signalling, in order to pass ANI, DNI...

I mean, I want to establish a call between two cell phones (long distance) but taking advantage of data leased lines, keeping features like Identify Calling Number, voice mail, etc.

If it works, please let me know the equipment I need to do that.

Thanks in advanced

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

It sounds like you are a cellular operator...correct?

If so, what kind of cellular system do you operate

(GSM, CDMA, etc)???

We have a solution called MNET (Cisco's Mobile Office

Network). It is a GSM/VoIP solution. You can

read more about it at

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

Thank you!

Actually I am not a cellular operator, but a Network consultant.

What is the difference working with 3600 series routers with H323 features? Does it work?



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Re: SS7 / R2 support

3600 routers do support h.323 voice. 3600s act as a h.323 gateway. You can have analog fxs, fxo, or e&M

or T1/E1 interfaces.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

It´s exactly the scenario I described last week what I am trying to accomplish.

Taking advantage of leased lines for carrying cellular traffic, with the same features and not using another carrier´s backbone (nor paying him).

So you say it can work interconnecting switches with E1 links, right?

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

correct but you will need E1/E3 access to the mobile switch for access. There are no air interfaces that exist that will directly receive a cellular phone call and convert it VoIP without the carrier's knowledge.

The specific application you are mentioning is known as toll bypass and work with wired (E1, E3, analog fxs, fxo, and e&m) interfaces.

As I mentioned before we have a solution called MNET but it requires coordination with your carrier.

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

FMT do have a solution for you for your request.

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Re: SS7 / R2 support

Hi mhori, you can do this with a voip (h.323) network and our ss7 SC2200 solution. The SC2200 solution works using several parts. First is the gateway (for the bearer path). You would configure the gateway trunks to the switch as IMT trunks. The SC2200 will do ss7 to the public network and q.931/ip over the ethernet connection to the gateway to do the isdn call setup/teardown.

Our AS5300s support E1 R2 signalling as well. You can read more on how to configure this at

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