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Staging of Unity Servers for Enterprise Deployment

Would it be possible to completely build out a server and install unity (W2K/3.1.5) in a staged environment and then ship the server within the enterprise? There would be a network drop to the production network used and the servers would be configured in failover pairs with exchange off box. My concerns are DNS, Global Catalog servers and Addressing problems.

I am just wondering if anyone has actually done this before in an enterprise env't and if so, what advice they can offer. Can this be done effectively or are we introducing too much unnecessary risk? Preference would be to install at the staging center and ship to site as opposed to installing remotely or on site. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Staging of Unity Servers for Enterprise Deployment

The only issue I can foresee with this is that Unity will likely be integrated with a less than optimal DC/GC.

To find the best possible Unity makes a query to the RootDSE during Configuration Setup. (That's the part were you hook it up to the mail server.) The values returned are written to the registry and don't change without manual intervention. The problem is that the best DC/GC for a site in Seattle would likely be different than the best DC/GC for a site in Houston.

If it were me I would stage them up to the point of configuration setup, ship them out the site and then integrate each with the mail server remotely.

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