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Starting SS7 Platform With AS5300

Hi Everybody,

I have been working with cisco for some time (2 yers) with VoIP. I think is the best platform ever. My previous experience with it was over E1 with MFC/R2 signaling. Now I am facing a new project where I need to incorporate SS7 signaling to our framework. We have 2 AS5300 in production. I have been reading lots of documents from Cisco and I realised that for SS7 signaling it is necesary a SC2200 signaling server. I would like to know if it is possible to replace the Cisco SC2200 with another SS7 signaling server ? (for example one built over Natural Microsystems Cards) because I found SC2200 too expensive for our porpouse. If somebody had any previous experience on planning a project developement over SS7 platform I would be very pleased if could give me a hand over cost-effective desicions and equipement to select.



Re: Starting SS7 Platform With AS5300

It's not possible to use non Cisco controllers unless you want to do some reverse engineering and development.

The Gateways are controlled from the PGW using a modified ISDN Q931 protocol that is encpasulated in IP packets. Unless the 3rd party controllers can emulate this it just isn't going to work.

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