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STI Backup Archive not verified

I think this may have been posted before, but we're still experiencing this. The Backup status displays the following messages at the end:

[02:03:16] Catalog created successfully

[02:03:16] Could not open the catalog file

[02:03:16] Fatal Error - Failed to verify archive on backup media. Please check log

[02:03:16] Closing stiBack.log on 02/07/2004

[02:03:16] RESULT: Backup Failed

No other error messages.

We are running CM 3.3.3 (SR3) with Backup Utility version 3.5.53. The CM and CER databases are backed up to a network directory. The utility was un-installed and re-installed (This is what an older message had suggested to do), and we didn't see these error message the first time it ran, but it came back again starting with the 2nd attempt.

Does anyone know if this is a serious problem and if there is a fix for it?




Re: STI Backup Archive not verified

Maybe it is timing out accessing the network share. Does it run sucessful if you dump to local c: drive?


Community Member

Re: STI Backup Archive not verified

It looks as if CSA is interfering with the archive verification. This happens because the MCS.sti file resides on a different server and the CSA policy doesn't allow this. Disabling the CSA service fixes the problem, but isn't really the solution. The backup to the local drive is fine.

We have the headless CSA loaded on the call managers, and I don't see any option to configure it differently to maybe bypass this particular operation. I am not sure if the CSA running off the Console would behave differently. Any ideas?

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