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Stop unnecessary services on Unity


Does anyone know which kind unnecessary services on Unity that I can stop for the sake of security reasons? Is there any documentation on this? And what kind of Windows OS services that I can also stop?

Another question is that on Unity server, can I upgrade the OS from 2000-2-4 to OS 2000-2-5sr5?

OS: Winsdows 2000-2-4,

Unity: 4.0(3)


Cisco Employee

Re: Stop unnecessary services on Unity

I'm not sure of such a document about the services, but be advised NOT to load the OS updates you mention there on the Unity server. Those are ONLY for callmanager. Unity requires the regular microsoft service packs/hotfixes.


Re: Stop unnecessary services on Unity

Unity isn't supported on the OS that is used for CallManager. There are some known issues with using that OS and the team that maintains it do zero testing for Unity. I highly encourage you to reinstall on a supported OS.

This doc includes all of the supported security settings for Unity:

As far a disabling services goes we don't really support doing that their but you might be able to disable one or two depending on your configuration.

AvRepDirSvrSvc - Reports

AvTtsSvr - Text to Speech

AvGaenSvr - Used for monitoring

CsBridgeConnector1 - Used for the Unity Bridge

I wouldn't touch anything else and remember that we don't do any testing with any of these disabled with the exception of AvGeanSvr. If you have a problem and call TAC you will be asked to re-enable them.

I will email the security team and see how they feel about the entire subject since they chose not to cover it in the guide.



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