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Strange Blank Services Page with a "Cancel" button

Hi All!

For some strange reason my Cisco IP Phone's "Services" button is associated, as default, to a blanck page with a single "Cancel" button as the 3rd softkey. For example, if I push the "Services" button, this default pag will be shown first and seconds later, the page I specified in Call Manager as associated to the "Services" button.

Usually this is not a problem, only that when I try to push a CiscoIPPhoneImageFile object to the phone, in the 2-3 second while the phone is downloading the image, this blank page will be shown and it stays there untill the image is fully downloaded. It is especially annoying as my ImageFile object has a 3rd softkey button called "Exit", so the user will witness a button first appeared as "Cancel", and then suddenly changes to "Exit"!

Any one know how do I remove this strange "default" blank page, or at least change its "Cancel" button to whatever I prefer? Thank you very much for your help!


Re: Strange Blank Services Page with a "Cancel" button

Could it be that on the phone you're using, you have signed up for a service that turns the service list into something the phone cannot handle (e.g. the application name is too long)? The empty page with a cancel suspciously reminds me of what you get when the phone chokes on an xml element.

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