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Strange Characters in Caller ID

Recently we have started receiving the following Caller ID information on our phones:

From p¡Â{=8¨¦¡ö


We believe the p¡Â{=8¨¦¡ö is the word unknown. I have searched the call manager for any file with these characters and have gone through the configs through the web interface and can not find what could be causing this. I recently up dated the phone software on the off chance that might correct the problem with no luck.

Anyone have any experience with this or any thoughts about how to correct it.

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Re: Strange Characters in Caller ID

I know you said you've checked the web interface configs..... but have you checked the UnknownCallerIdText attribute under Service Parameters for Call Manager service?

THat is the only place I can think of which may have it listed.

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Re: Strange Characters in Caller ID

That was the first place we looked. We have ours set to show nothing, that way the phone should only show From and the number.

You did prompt me to try and reset the UnknownCallerIdText to Unknow incase it was corrupted. After doing an update the problem went away. I changed it back to nothing and it works the way we want it. But when I did a reboot of the call manager the problem returned. Doing an update on the services cleared it up again.

It appears the CM doesn't like an empty string in this field when booting.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Strange Characters in Caller ID

Hi -

We had a similar issue. It is now resolved, the bug ID logged with our issue is CSCdv71354.

This bug is fixed in CM versions newer than 3.1(2)c. For us is was a result of changing the "Out of Bandwidth" field. We put in too many characters in it and it somehow affected the CID info. Please be sure your "out of Bandwidth" field has no more than 23 characters including blanks.


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Re: Strange Characters in Caller ID

It appears that this is not fixed since we use 3.2.2a. Our problem started about the time we changed our "Out of Bandwidth" field. I just counted and it's exactly 23 characters, including spaces. But it seems that CM adds one blank space at the end of the services field thus make it 24 total characters.

I've changed it to 22 so hopefully that will solve our problem.

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Re: Strange Characters in Caller ID

I hope it fixes it!! You may want to notify TAC about this if that is what you are seeing.....

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