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Strange Unity 4.0.2 DL and Admin behavior

I have a client installed with Unity 4.0.2 in failover mode, integrated with an Avaya PBX. The system is running fine accept for a couple of strange things:

- I have succesfully run the permissions wizard without errors but yet I can't create a Public distribution list from Unity Admin. I have to create the DL in AD first and then import the list into Unity.

- another issue is that when I search for users in distribution lists users that are members don't always show up. I know they are members because if I try to add them the system tells me they are already there. Sometimes when searching for distribution list this also happens, the whole distribution list doesn't display in the results.

- One last issue is that sometimes when dialing by extension the system will tell me that the extension doesn't exist, when I look up the subscriber the DN field is empty. Disappearing data??? what's going on?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Strange Unity 4.0.2 DL and Admin behavior

Do you see an error message in the application log when you try to add a list from the SA?

Do the users show up during a search sometimes and other times not? If they never show up they probably aren't marked to be listed in the directory or they don't have a recorded name. You need both to be listed in the directory.

We have had issues with SQL trigger race conditions causing the deletion of DTFM IDs for users. In 4.0(3) we consolidated the DTFM IDs to a single table in SQL so we think the issue is resolved. Time will tell...


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Re: Strange Unity 4.0.2 DL and Admin behavior

I'll check on the error log.

The search that I was referring to is a DL member search through the SA. This search doesn't need the recorded names does it?

Good to know regarding 4.0.3, I will recommend an upgrade for this issue.

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