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Strange Voice Mail issue with external callers

I have installed Unity 3.1(4) with CM 3.2(2c) SP E. It is set up for UM and has been working fine.

Recently we have one subscriber that is having issues with outside callers leaving messages. When an outside caller rings the extension and it transfers to voicemail ,as it should, the caller hears a fast busy. Internally there is no issue.

As far as I know, this is the only subscriber having this issue. We have deleted and readded and it is still doing the same thing.

Should I be looking at Exchange connectors even though it is only a single user?

Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Voice Mail issue with external callers

I don't think this has anything to do with Exchange. If the caller is getting reorder like that, I doubt the call is really making it to Unity.

One test that could be done is to place a phone (not the one that is having problems, but another phone) into the sam CSS as the Unity ports. Then forward the problematic phone to the testing phone. Repeat the call from the outside and see if the caller is fowarded to the new test phone or not.

New Member

Re: Strange Voice Mail issue with external callers

I tried the test and it worked fine. I set up a phone in the same CSS as the voice mail ports and forwarded the problem phone to it. It forwarded without a problem 5 times in a row from an external call. This however may not be a good indication, as some external calls to that phone DO go to voice mail. Internally has never been an issue, but I tested it as well without a problem.

All phones are in the same CSS and partitions (the customer was not sure how they wanted to deploy) so I cannot understand why only one phone is having this issue.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Voice Mail issue with external callers

Well, at least it sounds like we can rule some stuff out. Yeah, if it is an intermittent problem, it sure doesn't sound like a CSS issue. I have a feeling that if there aren't any errors showing up in Unity's app event log when the forward does go to re-order, the call isn't making it to Unity. If there aren't any Unity errors, CCM traces would be the next step.

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