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stream file

I want to copy all users and call handler's greeting(inluding those come with system), are all under commserver>streamfiles ?

Cisco Employee

Re: stream file

No... the call handlers, subscribers, interview handlers and distribution lists created by setup have their voice names/greetings in a seperate directory for reasons that are a complete mystery to me. This causes me all kinds of grief on various tools since I have to special case those all over the place. This will be fixed in 4.0, all the greetings and voice names for all objects no matter what will be in the \StreamFiles directory.

In 3.x you have get all the files under \streamFiles of course and then go to the \commserver\localize\defaultconfiguration\enu\ directory (assuming it's a US English system) and pull all the WAV files out of there to get the default objects' voice names and wav files.

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Re: stream file

We doubt the unity database having some problem, we want rebuild server and manually configure everything without using dirt disaster recovery .My question is : How can I link this scream file to a specific user? They have more than 200 users and a bunch of call handler?

Cisco Employee

Re: stream file

ah! So you used DiRT to restore this system... you're dribbling out little bits and pieces of info here - it helps to know what's going on from the top... hard for me to guess what you're trying to do otherwise.

I bet I know what the problem is with user's not being able to input IDs then... this was a bug fixed in DiRT along the way. The SYSTEM ID value in the location object is not matching the SYSTEM ID value in the registry. Real easy fix I'm betting... tell the TAC folks to look at the default location object in the SQL database and compare that column with the value in the HKLM\Software\Active Voice\DOH\1.0\SystemID key. IF they don't match, this is your problem. Make them match and you're problem is solved.

Manually rebuilding your system is going to be a lot of work. The voice names and greetings for objects in the directory include the alias of the object on the WAV files, you'll have to go through and manually paste them into the new system objects after you restore... no easy way to magically link them all up on the fly.

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