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Stupid CSS and Partition issue

Hi all, I've got a strange behaviour (I think). We're running CM 4.1.3 and external lines are 4 FXO-ports.

I've got a Route List and Route Group with 3 fxo's and a RL/RG with the other 4th FXO. I want phones to call out using the 3FXO-RL and a fax to use the 1FXO-RL.

For the phones this works just fine. However, for the Fax it doesn't.

I've created a 2 Route Patterns, 0.! and 0.!# with par: Par_FAX(predot). The fax's CSS is CSS_FAX with only Par_FAX in it. The RP's with Par_FAX point to the RL/RG with the one FXO and I keep getting: 'I'm sorry your call...

This SHOULD be SO easy but I can't get it up and running..

The first one gets a pint of beer!!


Re: Stupid CSS and Partition issue

The 4th FXO in the 1FXO-RL is registered?

The status of the RouteList should be registered, if not reset it.

If you place a call from that line, I mean disconnect the line from the FXO interface using an analog phone does it works?

If you try another Route Pattern different than 0.!# does it works?

Let us know

Community Member

Re: Stupid CSS and Partition issue

Hello there,

Yes, the FXO is registered and so is the RL. BTW, I've also tried pointing to the FXO directly from the RP! I've implemented a workaround and it appears to work. I've entered another RP: 0.X! and now it works...

Thanks for the reply!!

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