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Sub Message Activity Rpt

Please look in the System Admin guide under reports. You will see the Msg Activity report shows that MWI ON REQUEST is the first line, then NEW MESSAGE is the 2nd entry. The times on these 2 entries is 1 min 17 seconds apart. My customer "thinks" there is a problem with his Unity box because there is a delay of 1 min 55 seconds between MWI ON and NEW MESSAGE. I just want some kind of explaination as to this delay. The customer is not complaining that "the MWI light comes on, users check their MB's, and no messages are in the mailbox". I would think that would be an issue if the actual message was being delayed by the 1:55 second shown in the report. The example you sent me from you "test box" had no delay what so ever. As a matter of fact, your reports show NEW MESSAGE first, then MWI ON REQUESTED. It may have to do with the revision of their Unity.<br><br>


Re: Sub Message Activity Rpt

I have no idea where the technical publications folks got their sample report text from so I can’t really say anything intelligent about it. It may be totally bogus for all I know.

The MWI On Request normally comes very quickly after a message is left to the desktop. Even on systems under load in the lab the requests to queue up an MWI on/off come in very quickly. Yes, when new messages come from over the phone it’s possible the notifier watching the inbox will trigger an MWI event before the conversation logs that it’s done processing the new message (that’s what you saw in my example report).

I would need to look at the report they are complaining about to be sure, but the most likely explanation is that the MWI on request event has nothing to do with the new message they are looking at. For instance if the lamp had already been turn on for that user and the switch configuration had retries set (common for many non digitial switch integrations). You could see a new message event but a new lamp wouldn’t be triggered (since we think it’s already on). Then later you could see a lamp from a previous message on a lamp retry event. Check to see that the time at the far right of the lamp on request matches the time the new message they’re concerned about was left. If they don’t match this is likely the case.

If that’s not the issue, then I’m not sure why it would be so delayed... I'd need to look at the report.

The Notifier behavior hasn’t changed significantly since so I don’t think the version of Unity is going to be a big issue here unless they’re back on 2.3.4 in which case upgrading would be a good idea regardless.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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