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subfolders in Inbox

If a rule is set up in your Inbox to put all voice messages coming from Unity into a subfolder, the message is delivered correctly to the sub folder but the MWI light on the IP Phone does not turn on. Is this expected behaviour?<br><br>


Re: subfolders in Inbox

Yes, this is expected.

When we get a notification that your inbox state has changes (Exchange is not nice enough to tell us WHAT change, just that a change has occured) we rip out and filter your inbox for messages and trigger MWIs and/or notification events for pagers and the like based on what we find in the unread state.

We don't filter your subfolders (and in fact wouldn't have access to them at all in some cases) so if you have a rule like this we'll get the state change but by the time we truck out and filter your inbox, the message is not there... so we send a lamp off... if the rule is server side instead of client side, we may not even get the state change notification event.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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