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Subscriber 3.3(3) SR2 Update error

I have applied SR2 to my publisher without problem. When I apply the update to the subscriber I get the following errors:

Listing of Errors:

Unless otherwise indicated, these errors are non-critical in nature

Non-critical Error - CallManager System Version Update FAILED

Non-critical Error - Component Version Update Failed

I reboot and the CCM admin details page shows that I am still running SR1 on Subscriber. I have checked the ciscoupdate.txt log file and everything seems to be 'successfully updated'. Checked the SQL DB's under SQL Enterprise Manager and they are both the same - 0303. Checked DNS and lmhost files - all ok.

Any one else had this issue? Don't want to rebuild my Subscriber unless I really have too.



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Re: Subscriber 3.3(3) SR2 Update error

Ended up rebuilding subscriber. SQL Replication had totally stopped in SQL Enterprise manager, but changes made on Subscriber were reflected on Publisher.

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Re: Subscriber 3.3(3) SR2 Update error


I had applied the CCM 3.3 SR2 on my Publisher and it went fine. When I tried to apply it on the subscriber it display the message theat Pub/sub determination has failed. When I checked the ciscoupdate log file it shows that the subscirber cannot determine who is the publisher. I think my SQL replicatoin has been broken. I downgrade the publisher back but still my SQL replication failed. I am going to try to rebuild that SQL Cluster back and then try it again. Just check that you replication is valid and that you subsciber knows that publisher.

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