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Subscriber Account Lockout

I am facing a strange issue, where the subscribers accounts are getting locked out again and again ( the account lockout is checked for those users in the subscriber settings), even after we unlock them from the sa admin, the Unity version is 3.1.1., there are two sites and both are using the same Unity server for voice mail, the problem is only with the subscribers at one site ,

The error on the NT App Log is

The description for Event ID ( 10002 ) in Source ( AvConvMsg_MC ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: Handler [ch_CHeinrich] is using an extenstion [4503] that is being used by another handler on line 6128 in file e:\views\cs_ue3.1.0.68\un_Conv2\AvConvPhoneHandler\AvConvPHGreetingSvr\AvSPlayGreeting.cpp

Running conversation PHGreeting on Port 2

TIA for any help,

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber Account Lockout

couple things here... first, if you open the event log on the Unity server itself, you wont get the annoying "the description for Event ID not found..." thing.

Next, the error you list here has nothign to do with the subscriber lockout issue I don't think. That error indicates you have two objects using the same extension number (4503) which is illegal. Something you want to look into but not related to the subscriber account lockout issue.


Re: Subscriber Account Lockout

thanks for the info., there are a lot of information events like the following ... and these are in sequence for the extension 4524 - 4555 and then randomly for some other extensions, with 8-10 seconds time difference between the sucessive event. and these are not because of the users misuse.

Event ID ( 10002 )

Source ( AvConvMsg_MC )

An Account has been locked as max number of invalid login attemp exceeded

Running conversation SubSignIn on Port 2

Caller's ID from NamedProps : 4550


Re: Subscriber Account Lockout

some more info on the issue : There are two physical sites working transparently on this unity, and this issue is only with the users from the remote site (connected through T1). The subscriber accounts of the local users are not affected.

New Member

Re: Subscriber Account Lockout

Well, this is odd. I'm working a case that sounds just like this one, all the way down to the extensions that are getting logged out every morning! That last bit of information is interesting as it was never revealed to me over the phone.

Basically, so far we know that they had a little bout with CSCdw94866. That's not related to the users getting logged out. As for the logouts, they occur almost exclusively between 7am and 7:30am PST on weekdays.

The customer swears there's nobody in the office during this time, but I suspect he means the local office. Where are these remote users located? What's their time zone? I've turned on traces in Unity to see if we're actually receiving calls when this happens.


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