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Subscriber can not retrieve messages.

I've been having some issues with SAweb lately on our Unity 2.4.6/Exch 5.5 box. Apparently, I can no longer add/delete/import users in SAweb.

A long time subscriber left the company and the original unity vmail box (this is a non-unified messaging subscriber) did not conform to the current naming scheme.

It seems I sucessfully deleted the old vmail box and subscriber information, but when I attempted to recreate the vmail box with a new alias (creating a new user, not using an import)I received a generic message that indicated "An error has occured, subscriber not sucessfully added".

I ran DBWalker and it deleted the errors associated with the recreation. I attempted to recreate the subscriber again via importation of an existing exchange user. This appeared to be successful.

However, the user can receive voice mails, but can not retrieve them. Upon connection to the system, they receive the prompt "Sorry, this system is temporarily unable to complete your call...".

I checked the event log and located the following error message associated with the attempted connection:

Event ID: 10002 Source: AVConvMsg_MC

GetMailboxStatus returned [0x8004000c] on line 108 of file h:\CommSvr\sources\ConversationEng\AvStateSvr\AvSGetMailboxStatus.cpp.

Running conversation submenu on port 7.

Subscriber Display Name: Extension 249

Subscriber Alias: EXT249

Running conversation SubMessageCount on port 7.


Anyone with some insight into a fix for this?

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Re: Subscriber can not retrieve messages.

Bumping this back to the top. I'm still in need of an answer. Hopefully, someone has one.

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Re: Subscriber can not retrieve messages.

Is there nobody that understands this error message and/or has a resolution for it?

This is my only recourse to completely rebuilding the server from scratch (definately a 3 day job I could do without).

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Re: Subscriber can not retrieve messages.

I'm not sure I understand your original description - the person who installed Unity left the company? I'm not sure what this has to do with the system going from a working to a non working state. Perhaps you can elaborate just a bit on what happened - did the installation account (i.e. the account associated with the AvCsMgr service in the SCM) get removed or was it removed as an Exchange admin or something along those lines?

The error message you're getting when they attempt to log in to collect messages usually means there's a MAPI problem of one sort or another - for instance the account associated with the AvCsMgr service is not listed as an ExAdmin in Exchange's directory - this would also explain the inability to create new users in the directory.

Are existing accounts (i.e. not ones that you're adding new or importing new) able to leave and retrieve messages OK or does this affect all accounts - existing or otherwise?

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Re: Subscriber can not retrieve messages.

Firstly - An employee that had a subscriber account in Unity left. That person's subscriber account was named with an old naming scheme. As part of a routine proceedure when someone with an old account name leaves, we delete and recreate the subscriber account with the new, generic naming scheme (old scheme was employee specific, new one is by phone extension number).

Once the account was deleted, we found this issue.

Secondly - Existing accounts work fine as long as we don't attempt to edit one.

The account associated with AvCsMgr is the Exchange service account and has the correct rights.

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