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Subscriber Messages Delayed

We are using unity 3.1 with exchange 2k as the message store. Today I got a call from a user who reports checking their messages at 9:00am this morning and there were only 2 new messsages. A while later they check and there are many more messages from as many as 4 days ago that they never received then... Where could these have come from? Are voice messages stored in unity anywhere that maybe they got hung up and were just pushed to the exchange box today? In looking at the event logs, I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber Messages Delayed

were these messages from other subscribers on the system or from outside callers or both? What's your Exchange network look like?

Unity hands the message off to Exchange to deliver so if a particular exchange server was having problems delivering messages ours would be hung up along with the rest for instance.

Unity does have a temporary repository for outside caller messages where they sit while Unity waits for the "partner" exchange server to accept the messages - if we can't talk to that server or it's not being responsive they will sit in the local Unity server until it's back up (this is called "UMR mode").

With some more information about your topology and the source of the messages we could perhpas narrow down the troubleshooting process a bit for you.

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Re: Subscriber Messages Delayed

very helpful info. We just have a single exchange 2k server strictly used for voicemail stores right now (we are using groupwise for email currently, but will migrate to exchange later for the full unififed messaging). As far as I know, no other complaints were taken about messages being delayed or any server issues... I wonder too if its just a user error, but I have to go by what I was told... upon looking in her exchange mailbox there were two messages marked as new from last week and I have to be certain she had checked her voicemail prior to that several times...

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