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Subscriber Msg Activity Rpt

Why does the Msg Activity Report have a delay in the date & time field for MWI ON REQUESTED & NEW MESSAGE? Why does MWI ON COMPLETED display even though the PBX I am integrated with does not give a confirmation? Even in your documentation there is a 1 minute 17 second delay. The account I am working with has an average of 120 seconds between MWI & NEW MESSAGE.<br><br>Why doen't the report show messages sent?<br><br>


Re: Subscriber Msg Activity Rpt

Well… without being able to see the actual report you’re talking about I can only speculate on a couple of things here. The report doesn’t show messages sent by that subscriber because it’s designed to show inbox activity and how it relates to MWIs and message delivery events. For sites trying to track down why a pager notification didn’t come through, for instance, this is the report the field tech would turn to for help determining if we attempted the dial X times and it was busy, or we thought it went through and the pager must have been out of range or if it didn’t go out at all etc…

I think the best thing to do would be to walk through a small subscriber message activity report and break it down. Some of the items are a little confusing because we actually have two different parties logging data here. At first glance some of it may look redundant and/or contradictory for that reason. This is probably the most challenging part of deciphering what these reports are telling you since folks using the phone interface will be triggering logging from both sources throughout the call and they intermingle in the logs in ways that are not always obvious.

Anyway, I fired up my test box this morning and left a message from the phone, listened to it from the desktop then left a new message from the desktop and listened to it over the phone. That covers most of the basic stuff. The account I used has analog MWIs enabled and has a pager device configured as well.

Here’s the report… sorry for the formatting, it doesn’t translate to straight text very well.

<1. Leave a new message from the phone>
9/26/99 5:52:28AM OTHERS NEW MESSAGE 19/26/99 5:52:28AM NA
9/26/99 5:52:28AM OTHERS MWI ON REQUESTED 19/26/99 5:52:28AM NA
9/26/99 5:52:31AM TELEPHONE NEW MESSAGE N/A Unknown Caller 9/26/99 5:52:31AM N/A Unknown
9/26/99 5:52:39AM OTHERS MWI ON COMPLETED 19/26/99 5:52:28AM NA
9/26/99 5:52:44AM OTHERS PAGER DIALOUT COMPLETE 19/26/99 5:52:28AM 26 Busy
9/26/99 5:57:55AM OTHERS PAGER DIALOUT COMPLETE 19/26/99 5:52:28AM 26 Connected

<2. read the message from the desktop>
9/26/99 6:05:38AM OTHERS MWI OFF REQUESTED 09/26/99 6:05:38AM NA
9/26/99 6:05:38AM OTHERS MESSAGE READ 09/26/99 5:52:28AM NA
9/26/99 6:05:42AM OTHERS MWI OFF COMPLETED 09/26/99 6:05:38AM NA

<3. leave a new message from the desktop>
9/26/99 6:17:54AM OTHERS NEW MESSAGE 19/26/99 5:36:26AM NA
9/26/99 6:17:54AM OTHERS MWI ON REQUESTED 19/26/99 6:17:54AM NA
9/26/99 6:17:59AM OTHERS PAGER DIALOUT COMPLETE 19/26/99 6:17:54AM 26 Connected
9/26/99 6:18:11AM OTHERS MWI ON COMPLETED 19/26/99 6:17:54AM NA

<4. Check message over the phone>
9/26/99 6:19:41AM TELEPHONE LOGIN N/A N/A 9/26/99 6:19:41AM N/A Unknown
9/26/99 6:19:51AM OTHERS MESSAGE READ 09/26/99 5:36:26AM NA
9/26/99 6:19:51AM OTHERS MWI OFF REQUESTED 09/26/99 6:19:51AM NA
9/26/99 6:20:02AM TELEPHONE DELETE MESSAGE N/A Unknown Caller 9/26/99 5:36:26AM N/A Unknown
9/26/99 6:20:10AM TELEPHONE LOGOUT N/A N/A 9/26/99 6:20:10AM N/A Unknown
9/26/99 6:20:14AM OTHERS MWI OFF COMPLETED 09/26/99 6:19:51AM NA

The first thing to note is the “source” column (the one to the right of the first date/time). This will be either “Telephone” or “Others”. Telephone is the conversation logging information and “Others” is the desktop monitoring portion of Unity called the “Notifier”. This guy is logged into everyone’s inbox at all times and fires events based on activity in your mailbox independent of the phone conversation itself.

Also note the timestamp on the far right… lots of folks get thrown by this. This is the timestamp of the message that is responsible for this entry. So if a lamp completed event or a pager dialout triggers, that timestamp can be used to go backwards and find the original message that kicked that event off. If there’s lots of activity and dialouts going on, there may be a delay between the message itself and an action so this stamp is added to make the connection between the two a little easier to track down.
NOTE: In my example I was moving my clock around and marking messages read/unread from the desktop so the time stamp on the right is not always what you'd see in the field.

In section 1 above you’ll see that the “Others” new message event triggers before the “telephone” new message event. The message is actually stuffed into the inbox before the conversation complete it’s business and logs the data. These are, in fact, the same event even though they take place 3 seconds apart.

You’ll see the MIW On requested followed some 11 seconds later by the MWI On Completed event. This simply means the notifier asked to have this lamp turned on and it gets queued up internally. If there are lots of lamps to go out and only a few analog ports to do them on, there may be a big lag in the time between the request and the Completed event. Serial or Digital stuff normally goes pretty quickly, this example is analog however. We note that the lamp is completed when we finish sending it to the switch. We have no idea if the switch turned it on for us or not since most don’t have any confirmation mechanism. If you had lamp retries on, you will see multiple sets of requested/completed events in here.

The pager that goes out for that first message failed since I had the phone off hook at the time and you see the retry go out about 5 minutes later. The thing to note here is the last column on the right… the failed attempt shows “busy” and the one that worked showed “connected”. We’ll log connected here if we think the phone answered… it doesn’t necessarily mean the page went through, of course, since we can’t know if you were in range at the time or if you entered the wrong number and a little kid picked up the phone or whatever.

Section 2 there is a little easier since only one party is logging. I get the message from the desktop, the lamp off request and completed events are logged.

Section 3 is also all from the desktop. I left a message using VMO to this user, the lamp and pager dialouts go out as normal.

Section 4 is me calling in and getting that message from over the phone and delete it. Again, you’ll see the “others” note that the message is marked read before the telephone event where I deleted it. As soon as you start hearing a message over the phone, it’s marked read… at this point you’ll see the “others” entry in there for “read message”. If I had opted to save the message as new in the conversation, you’d see a second “others” note of “new message”. In this case it’s marked new and then deleted (which the Notifier doesn’t keep track of… it only cares about changes and what state existing messages are in). The lamp off is requested and sent and you can see me hanging up the phone with the “logout” even there.

Still with me? Anyway… if you’re still not sure what you’re seeing in the logs, let me know. Maybe post a section of the log your curious about?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Subscriber Msg Activity Rpt

Thank you for getting back to me regarding my posting. It does not quite answer my question. I will send a new post clarifying my issue.

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