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Subscriber "Enter Password" Timeout

I have noticed this for quite some time now (all the way back to 2.4) That after you enter your userID, you are then prompted to enter your password. Now, if you enter your password there is a nice little delay until you hear the Unity message prompt. If you hit pound after your password (which you are not prompted to do but can) you hear the unity message prompt immediately. Asside from telling everyone to hit # after their password, is there a registry key I can change that will shorten that timeout period? I poked around and have not found one.

P.S - Any chance of changing the verbage for Sign In from UserID to Extension? This seems to always freak people out.

TIA - Andy

Community Member

Re: Subscriber "Enter Password" Timeout


The prompt that is being played for the password entry is AvSubSignInENU002.wav. This file has a deliberate silence appended at the end. Without this the prompt repeated too fast. You can trim the silence by using a wave file editor. Please be aware that an upgrade will overwrite your changes.

In the 4.0(4) release of Unity the prompt will tell the subscribers to enter # when done.

There are no plans to change the sign in prompt from UserId to extension.

- Anil


Re: Subscriber "Enter Password" Timeout

Ahhh...Thank you. I was looking all over for a registry setting for that.

Andy - Berbee

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