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Subscriber report for Outcalling

I have Unity 3.1.5. When I ran a report on Outcalling for all subscribers I ran into a problem. First not all the subscribers are found in the report. Second if the information is found it is not always under the correct subscriber. Is this a known problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber report for Outcalling

not a known problem I'm aware of - searching the DDTS records for reports stuff I don't see anything with a description that matches this (I found some that have the outcall billing report not completing properly at all but not like this).

Can you send me the report output in it's entirety? Ideally if you have the AvCsMgrxxx.log files in the \commserver\logs directory that span the same time period you ran the report against, that'd be ideal since this is where the information that generates the reports actually originates from. If you can point out any situations where the information under a subscriber is not correct that'd be helpful as well - not a lot of resources on the reports engine at this point but we may be able to eyeball it and see if something obvious is up.

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