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Subscriber Template Database corruption


I have unity 3.1(5), and I believe that my Subscriber Template database is corrupted, because when I cannot add any Subscriber template, the SAWEB does not report any errors...

I have 2 Subscribers templates, in these templates I don't have any option to modify in "Greeting", and at tab "Messages" if I modify any thing when I save the options that I have marked are empty...

Anyone knows how to correct this database, I try to use ConfigMgr.exe program, but I don't know what do... and I can't lost any data.



Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber Template Database corruption

you can head out to and get the latest 3.x version of dbWalker - it includes the option to rebuild just your default subscriber templates under the file menu - this is easier, safer and less intrusive than using ConfigMgr to recreate the default objects.

Community Member

Re: Subscriber Template Database corruption

Hi Lindborg,

your tip is great... I that this tool can do it. So this problem is solved, but I have other problem... the Opening Greeting is missing, I don't know how it was deleted, there is another tool to rebuild it?

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber Template Database corruption

sounds like your system had more problems than just the default subscriber templates...

The reason most folks use dbWalker to recreate the templates is that they don't want to recreate all the default objects (which puts the openeing greeting, operator call handler, routing rules etc... back to a default state). However, that sounds like exactly what you need to do here.

This can be accomplished following the information in this tech tip:

Be sure to follow it carefully such that you don't wipe out your database entirely, you just want to recreate the default objects again (which includes the openeing greeting call handler).

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