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Subscriber Template showing in Call Handler

Just a quick one...<br><br>Unity 3.0.3, SQL2k, I have a User Template (cht_USFRD Template) showing in my CallHandler page in Unity Admin.<br><br>How do I hide it again? There is only one template that does this, with around 50 others out there.<br><br>Thanks.<br><br>


Re: Subscriber Template showing in Call Handler

sounds like the "IS_PRIMARY" flag might have gotten cleared on that template handler... not sure how that would have happened. Does dbWalker show anything of interest on your system?

The templates are a little different than other objects. There's a special collection of "subscriber templates" which are the same as subscribers with some missing properties basically. Like regular subscribers they point to primary call handlers (a primary is basically a hidden call handler... has all the same stuff on it but it's "tied" to a subscriber directly and doesn't - or shouldn't - show up in the call handlers list in the SA). If the IS_PRIMARY flag somehow got set to 0 it would just show up as a regular call handler.

It's possible that somehow the template call handler got cross linked somehow... so it'd be a good idea to run dbWalker through and see what it has to say first before just going in and flipping the flag back.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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