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Subscriber unable to login

I have a strage scenario where a subscriber (and suddenly multiple subscribers) are unable to login to Unity (v3.0.3, TSP 3.0.3, CCM 3.1.2.c SP-B) When the subscriber in question presses their Messages button they reach the Opening Greeting, not prompted for password as other subscribers are. When they press * and dial their ID, they receive "Sorry that is not a Valid entry...etc"<br>If I try to just dial their ID from the opening greeting to initiate a transfer that works and I am transferred, however if I do a #2 to override the transfer, I am still transferred.<br><br>SA shows the box there and nothing appears wrong with it, I can make changes etc. In fact, changing the Extension Field, fixes the problem for a short time. Meaning that after no certain interval, the problem comes back on the same box.<br><br>Any ideas? I already have plans to upgrade to TSP 3.0.4 to see if that resolves some other issues that are being experienced at this site.<br><br><br><br>--Cael


Re: Subscriber unable to login

If the subscriber who doesn't get prompted for their password when hitting the messages button, also doesn't get logged into their box by dialing "*" and their ID from the opening greeting, then I don't think upgrading the TSP is going to do any good. It doesn't sound anything like a TSP problem.

Have you contacted TAC on this? From the symptoms you are describing, I think you should. This sounds strange.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: Subscriber unable to login

TAC case is in the process of being opened by the customer contact. I agree that it is strange behavior. My thought was more that the reboot involved in installing the new TSP would clear it rather than the TSP being the problem.


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Re: Subscriber unable to login

I am experiencing a similar problem on a Unity 3.1.3 System. In this case, things were working fine until the Import Tool was used and instead of adjusting the DTMF_Access_ID to the 4 digit extensions, the field was left at the default value that was pulled from AD which was the user's full 10 digit number. Following the import, changing the primary extensions does not change the sign-in behavior. If I set one of the alternate extensions to what should be the primary (in fact it allows me to set both the primary and an alternate to the same extension) I can sign in. I have also noticed that when I add the alternate extension, it puts an entry in the DtmfAccessID SQL table but does not set the IsPrimary value. Without the addition of the alternate extension, there is no entry in the DtmfAccessID SQL table.


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