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New Member

Subscriber unnable to access voicemail / has large mailbox


We have just implemented a Unified Messaging environment w/Unity 3.1.5 and E2k. I have a user with 2 Gigs of e-mail and she just tried accessing her voicemail and hears silence after accessing the voicemail. I also found this message in the Event Viewer, that points to her.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: AvConvMsg_MC

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 10002

Date: 12/29/2002

Time: 1:41:26 PM

User: N/A

Computer: CHUNITY01


DoMessageStack returned [0x80004005] on line 117 of file



Running conversation SubMenu on Port 3

Subscriber Display Name : Broccolo, Bernadette

Subscriber Alias : Brocc

Running conversation SubNewMsgStack on Port 3

Does anyone know what this means?

Thanks a ton!!!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber unnable to access voicemail / has large mailbox

Did the subscriber ever get into their voice mail box over the phone? If this is the very first time, and with 2gigs of email in that box, it will probably take a while to hear Unity come back with a message count and messages. How long did the user wait?

To see if there is something wrong with this logon attempt other than the size of the mailbox, there's a couple of things that can be tried:

1. Set the following traces and reproduce the failure:

AlCommon - 10

MalEx - 10

If you can post the AvCsMgr traces, I can take a look.

2. Temporarily move these messages to another folder and call back in. Can the user get into the box?

With a UM environment, having a mailbox that has a lot of messages in it (we'll define "a lot " as thousands) is typically going to be problematic. It's the number of messages rather than the inbox size that is going to cause problems. When Unity logs into a mailbox, it asks Exchange to filter and sort the messages based on message type and if the message has been read or not. Unity will come back to offer messges to the caller only after the request to Exchange filtering has been completed.

I'd imagine that will be a lengthy process with a mailbox of that size.

New Member

Re: Subscriber unnable to access voicemail / has large mailbox

I have a very similar case. I have one user whose inbox excedes 40,000 messages - that is not a mis-type. Sometimes it takes upwards of 5 minutes to login to her mailbox. It seems that once this is done, it is quick after that. Is there something we can do to hedge this? She is growing impatient.

Cisco Employee

Re: Subscriber unnable to access voicemail / has large mailbox

It sounds like you are hitting CSCdy36517. This is a delay caused by the Exchange server reindexing the inbox when a MAPI client (like Unity) performs filters on the contents of the Inbox (like Unity does to prvide message counts read/unread emails and voice mails).

Once the index on Exchange is initially built, it will stay in effect as long as the same filters are reapplied on the inbox before the index aging on the Exchange server goes into affect. Once the aging goes into effect, the indices are deleted.

The user in question could expect to see a potential delay when there has been a long amount of time in between TUI logins to that mailbox. Since the filters aren't hitting that mailbox when they are not calling in, the aging time has come and the index has been deleted. So, that next time they call in, they'll get the delay as the filter request makes Exchange reindex over every one of those 40,000 messages.

At this point in time, there aren't any particular workarounds aside from moving the messages from the Inbox to another folder either in a PST or on the Exchange server.

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