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Suggestions for Mitel VoIP discussion?

Anyone know of a discussion or support group for Mitel 5220 IP Phones?

Handsets on the same switch are experiencing noises, like a helicopter chopping noise, between each other? I've seen similiar issues with Cisco CallManager in the past that were software bugs in the handsets, app load, VAD, etc.

Any suggestions? Our local Mitel installler doesn't know VAD from DAD and isn't helpful. He has to call Canada for support every time. This guy swears the network QoS is the problem, but I disagree. Two L2 ports on the same 3550 switch don't need QoS for VoIP to work without problems. There is no routing. I think he might have VAD problems with handset firmware.

Mitel 5220 IP Dark Grey 50002818

56004352 REV H.5

Some phones say 56004352 REV H.5(5)

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Re: Suggestions for Mitel VoIP discussion?

Looks like they have online support:

I would still make sure the 3550 is queuing things correctly. Do a sh int and look for drops, errors, etc. Also do a show qos and see what you get.

You may think about sniffing the traffic that a phone is receiving and analyzing that.

Hope this helps....

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Re: Suggestions for Mitel VoIP discussion?

It is also possible that the voice stream does not go phone to phone, but phone to server (or appliance) the to the other phone.

I’m not sure about Mitel but some PBX manifuctures do , move IP voice that way..

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Re: Suggestions for Mitel VoIP discussion?

That would be OK as long as they are arriving without jitter, drops, etc. Again, a sniffer capture would tell you a great deal about what is happening here including whether the stream is between phone or the phone and the server. has a free sniffer with great analysis tools for RTP traffic. You can even play it out as audio to see if the stream or the phone is the problem.

Have you tried to contact Mitel at the link I provided to see if they could shed some light on the issue?

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Re: Suggestions for Mitel VoIP discussion?

We are in the process of implementing about 60 5220 phones here on their 3300 pbx. We encountered a lot of problems with the PBX software which was initially blamed on the network/QoS setup. The way I proved them wrong was by plugging 2 phones directly to the PBX (use a power brick so they don't blame the Power over Ethernet source like they did with me) and make phone calls. If you still get problems. It's definintly the PBX. Let me know how it turns out because are install is a nightmare.

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