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New Member

Sup Xfer: proper "Rings to wait for"

I am working with a customer that is reporting some subscribers are recieving "voicemails from the system". Upon further investigation I found that the voicemails from the system were sandwiched inbetween real voice messages. The content of these messages were portions of system conversations (i.e. Who may I say is calling, etc.).<br><br>Obviously a problem with FWNA Timeout and the Supervised transfer Rings to wait for setting, right? That's what I thought...<br><br>Originally, the FWNA Timeout in CM was set to 18 seconds (about 5 rings). The RTWF setting in Unity was also set to 5 rings. With these two settings identical, the subscribers were noticing an "extra system" message before every "real" voicemail message.<br><br>To fix this problem, the RTWF setting was adjusted down to 4 rings. After this adjustment, the problem happened realatively infrequently, but still enough to annoy a few pesky subscribers <insert - this system has me calling everyone on the planet subscribers, even in my normal speech - this is a problem and should be noted for the next release of Unity :o) ><br><br>So, after they were still recieving reports of extra messages, the customer took it upon themselves to assist with the situation. They adjusted the FWDNA Timeout to a whopping 30 seconds. Now, lines will ring forever before they get dumped to Unity... but this doesn't seem to have helped the situation at all.<br><br>They are still recieving extra "system conversation" messages.<br><br>So I decided to RTFM.<br><br>"Set this value to at least 3 to give subscribers a chance to answer. Avoid setting to more than 4, especially if the call may be transferred to another extension, where the caller might have to wait for another four rings. This value should be at least two rings fewer than the phone system setting for forwarding calls."<br><br>The customer wants a line to ring at least 5 times before it hits VM. So in theory, if I set FWDNA Timeout to 23 seconds, and Unity to 5 rings, this problem should go away. Can someone verify the proper setting for me?<br><br>Also, noticed in this <br><br><br><br>post that someone said "this value is typically not greater than four, and never greater than eight." <br><br>Is this correct as it relates to 2 less than FWDNA Timeout in addition to what the documentation (in link below) has to say about this setting?<br><br><br><br>Thanks!<br><br>- a concerned system integrator -<br><br>

Cisco Employee

Re: Sup Xfer: proper "Rings to wait for"

Sounds like you've got a good feel for what's going on here. The other thing to watch for is that you do not send supervised transfers to phones that have Forward on Busy set to Unity. Something like this may be why you were still seeing the problem after setting the No Answer timer to 30 seconds.

Another thing you could try is entering Unity's extension numbers in the SA ports page. Then check that the Allow Calls From Voice Mail" value in the registry at HKLM>Software>Active Voice>Arbiter>1.0>System Configuration to the dword value of "0".

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