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supervisor assistance problem in ipcc ver 6.0

Dear All,

When an logged in agent(talking to the client) press Supervisor Assistance / Emergency button- gets an error " 10126- No dialed number for dialed number ID specified in the dialed number plan"

Thanks in anticipation.

Community Member

Re: supervisor assistance problem in ipcc ver 6.0

I struggled with figuring this out too. I have it configured successfully now. We are using IPCC 7.0, but I'm sure it's configured the same for 6.0. There are many steps involved. Hopefully, I'm not overlooking any of the steps below.

First, make sure you have all the agents configured in a Team and at least one supervisor assigned. The primary supervisor's extension is to be used as the "Dialed Number" for Emergency and Assist.

Be sure the Supervisor's extension is associated to the PG User in Call Manager.

Create a DNIS for the supervisor's extension using the Call Manager as the routing client. Create a label for the this extension and set it to "device target" for target type.

Assign this DNIS to the Agent Team Settings for "supervisor script dialed number".

Create a Call Type for "Emergency and Assist"

Create a skill group Emergency and one for Assist. You'll need these for non-primary supervisors. Assign these skill groups to the non-primary supervisors.

Create an ICM script using the Agent to Agent Node with failover to a Skill Group node containing the skills you created above. For the agent to agent node, simply highlight the Peripheral shown in the properties window and use the formula editor to add Call.PreferredAgentID. This script will route to the Primary supervisor first, then route to any supervisors in a "ready" state.

Finally, schedule the Call Type for the DNIS and be sure the call type is associated to the script.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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