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Supervisor code

I was wondering if there is a way to set up a code for a supervisor to use. I have 7910's that have only ip to ip permissions. I would like a supervisor that is out in the areas where those phones are to be able to pick up the phone and dial a code and be able to make an outside call.

Is there a way to do this, I a running 3.0(12) but looking to upgrade to 3.1.?


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Re: Supervisor code

Extension Mobility will do what you want. You will need to add the "Customer Response Application" (CRA) to use extension mobility and is available in CM 3.1.

I have not tried it myself but it should work.

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Re: Supervisor code


This can easily be done by using an access code as part of a route pattern. That route patter can then point to a route list or a route group that has the ability to pass a call to an outbound trunk.

Basically, create a route pattern like, 9876@ that points to OUTBOUND-CALL-RouteList. The supervisor would dial 9876 then dial an outside call.

It's not that secure as someone could watch the supervisor enter the code. But it is easy to set up. Since your using 7910's someone can't come behind the supervisor and look at the placed calls list and see the access code.

As someone else mentioned, Extension Mobility is an option, it's a bit more complex to setup but still an viable option.

Tim Medley - CCNP Voice

Sr. Network Architect

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Re: Supervisor code


As far as I know, Extension Mobility is not supported for 7910 IP Phones.



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