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Can this product be installed on a new DL380 server with nothing on it. The hardware detection cd is failing on the first splash screen everytime. I read somewhere that we will need to use SW-CCM-3.3-DL380= in order for the installation to work. Problem is that the listed price for the two are totally different.

SW-CCM-3.3-UPG= $200.00

SW-CCM-3.3-DL380= over 7,000.00

I already have call manager 3.1 on a DL320 and want to do an upgrade to 3.3 on a DL380. Can I use the upgrade CD's to install CCM 3.3 on a brand new DL380?


Re: SW-CCM-3.3-UPG=

The problem you have is the hardware detection routine is finding something it doesn't like.

If you've got the upgrade CD set it covers all servers. Cisco now charge different prices for different servers but they have no way of knowing unless you buy the hardware at the same time. So if you upgrade you can move to another server and only you know. Just remember to call the server the same name as the old one.

The app behind the splash screen is looking at your hardware and not liking it, make it exactly like you could buy from Cisco and it should be fine.


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