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swap unity server

We want to remove the existing unity server and replace it with a new server. New one will be same version 3.14 as previous. Do I have to uninstall unity on the old server like when doing this in Unity 2.46?We want previous one still functional before new one is take its place.

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Re: swap unity server

After you get the new server up and running, yes you will have to uninstall the software on the previous one. If you would like to keep the old one as a failover unity server, you could purchase and failover license for it to keep it running, but when you build the new server, you will have to move the dongle license key to the new server.


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Re: swap unity server

As I know the unity won't be able to import subscribers from exchange server if

previous unity is not uninstalled first, but what if I import all the unity data(including subscribers)into new unity server from old server?

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Re: swap unity server

If you use DiRT to back up the data on the old server and then import that info into the new server, yes... it'll automatically bind to the same users in the directory on the fly regardless of if they're stamped as a subscriber already or not.

Keeping the old server around as a "hot standby" just doesn't fly though... you'll definitely need to take it off the network so the two Unity servers are not fighting over the same users in the directory. You don't necessarily have to uninstall it but I always reccomend you do so to keep things clean.

the DiRT help file covers some of this stuff.

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Re: swap unity server

That confirms my thought. Thanks a lot.

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