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System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(2)

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing the following problem. When a subscriber is initially setup, they dial the VM pilot and get the enrollment greeting. After they successfully finish their enrollment and try to log into their mailbox to check voicemail messages, the subscriber hears dead air after entring their password, and then a recorded error message:

Caller dials vm pilot

Unity prompts for password

Caller enters password

<nothing for 10 seconds>

Message saying "Sorry this system is temporarily

unable to complete your call, please try again later"

System Monitor shows the port with:

State: Taking call

Details: Subscriber Sign-In


State: Busy

Details: Failsafe Greeting

I haven't been able to find any docs on this problem, any ideas?



Cisco Employee

Re: System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(

The first thing to check when you get a failsafe like that is the application event log - there should be one or more error messages in there that will give us a clue as to what's going on.

my best guess would be a problem with your subscriber template being used to create the users - it's leaving some critical piece of information out that the conversation can't deal with. Does dbWalker turn up any complaints on these users?

Community Member

Re: System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(

Getting several errors in application log:

When I call the VM pilot to checkmy voicemail, the application log shows:


Unity was unable to retrive the mailbox for the subscriber to verify the status of the mailbox. Unity needs to know if the mailbox has the ability to send and recive mails. Possible reasons could be a missing mailx, which can be determined through DBWalker or a corrupt memory. Technical information IAvDohMailUser::get_PrimaryMailbox returned [0x8004052e] on line 199 of file e:\views\Unity4.0.1.55\un_Core2\ConversationEng\AvStateSvr\AvSGetMailboxStatus.cpp. Check the return code through DohErrorTest tool. For more information, click:

DBWalker reported no errors.

These are other errors in the application log that repeatedly pop up. I think I may have missed something with the initial config??


Doh logon failed due to messaging component logon error: 8004052eH For more information, click:


An occurred which prevents successful Exchange access by AvUMRSyncSvr via MAPI.

This is typically an indication of configuration issues with Unity, Exchange, or the MAPI subsystem.

Verify that the Unity services accounts are granted the correct permissions and that there are no issues with installation. The SysCheck utility may assist in diagnosing the problem. For more information, click:


An attempt to access the Primary Exchange Mailbox Store by AvUMRSyncSvr via MAPI has failed. The MAPI subsystem return the following error: You do not have permission to log on.. For more information, click:

Cisco Employee

Re: System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(

yep, it looks like the message facing account does not have rights to access the message stores for all users on the box - you can run Permissiosn Wizard against the accounts you selected to act as your directory facing and message facing services - I've seen folks that setup permissions using the wizard properly and then use a different account to assign to the service - that could be what you have going on here.

Community Member

Re: System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(

It was a permissions issue, although it wasn't something that permission wizard could have fixed. I manually gave the UnityMsgStoreSvc account both Domain admin and Exchange Full Admin rights. Once I read through:

I found a note telling me that that account shouldn't be part of those groups :) Once I fixed up the rights manually and restarted the services my MWI all of a sudden went on and voicemail messages popped into my inbox and I no longer got that voice error after logging into my inbox :)

BTW: is a VERY helpful site!


Cisco Employee

Re: System unable to complete call after Subscriber sign-in 4.0(

good deal. Thanks for the follow up.

One thing I'd like to note here just for completeness - the latest versions of Permissions Wizard for 4.0(3) actually would take care of this - we actually punch the send as/recieve as rights into every mailstore individually which gets around the denials due to distribution list membership - since local grants over ride inherited denies. Of course it's still best to use a clean account that's not a member of any groups to use as your message store facing account and just let Permissions Wizard do it's thing, we have taken steps to get around such problems.

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