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New Member

T1 CAS GroundStart on a 6608 question

We have a Sprint Long distance T1 CAS w/ Groundstart that was originally hooked up to another PBX and cutover to Call Manager. They had several 800 numbers that supposedly were directed to this line with varying numbers, for example 888-121-1111 went to extension 6712. Some of the 800 numbers go to different devices, though most go to the main extension, 6200. A couple 800 numbers previously went to a fax machine with say a 7777 number, but it always goes to 6200. Becuase some of the 800 numbers successfully land at different numbers, not just the front desk number (6200), we know that somehow the telco is sending us different numbers according to what 800 number we dial, not just all incoming 800 going to one number.

The question is, when configuring a T1 CAS on a 6608, what exactly does the box "Attendant DN" do? We know it doesn't send all incoming calls to that number becuase some of the 800 numbers land on different extensions. My theory is that Attendant DN sends you to that number if there is no other number on the system for it to send it to, sort of a "defualt route". Am I right?

I'm thinking that the previous PBX translated some 4 digits to the fax number, but we don't know what they are...

New Member

Re: T1 CAS GroundStart on a 6608 question

Forget it: we found out that the 800 numbers that were going to different numbers were landing on out local T1 with E&M wink. It looks like becuase the line is a ground start, the telco can't give us numbers anyway, so the Attendant DN is what I thought it was: a default route.

We're going to change the line to E&M so we can get digits. The reason why it worked on the PBX was they had different channel groups, and different 800 numbers would land on different channel groups, this getting them to different numbers.

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