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Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

Can someone give me a config example or short explnation of how this can be done? I am still a little fuzzy as to how to process what digits in a route pattern that should be passed to the Gatekeeper?


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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

Well, it all depends on what you really want to do, where are you hoping off, is it another CCM cluster, a GW, CME?

Typically you will send all digits to the GK with or without the off-net access code (remember to prefix tech-prefix on the route list or RP, unless you are going to use default tech-prefix) and then simply use zone prefix to direct the call to desired location. For example assume you have CM and CME and you would like to hop-off from CM out of CME GW, so when user CM 1 dials 9.011485551234 it needs to go via GK out CME GW, you would have following config:

zone local HQ

zone local CME

zone prefix CME 9011*

no shut

On the CME GW, you might want to manipulate the incoming digits to strip the 01148, so the call goes out as a local call, to do that one way is to use translation rule as following:

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^1#901148/ //

voice translation-profile 1

translate called 1

dial-peer voice 1 voip

incoming called-number 1#9011T

translation-profile incoming 1

The 1# is the tech-prefix which was prefixed on the CCM, and which CME registers with.



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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

I am looking at sending the call, which would be international, from the main site, through gatekeeper, out through the CME as a local call, but the local call is NOT any of the registered E164 numbers?

Is this possble along the same guideline configs you referenced, and, if not, what needs to change. Also, would the RP still be something like: 9.011485551234

OR just:

9.011! and 9.011#!


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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

Yes, my example was exactly along the line. As far as the route pattern it depends wheater you send all international calls this way or only some. If only some then you need to be explicit.

I made a mistake on the translation rule it should have been:

rule 1 /^1#901148/ /9/

assuming you are using 9 as an off-net access code on CME.

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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper


Chris -

Thanks for the detail on the RP, translation rule and such. So, reading this translation rule, it would take this dial string from GK:


and change it to:


and hand it to an outgoing POTS dial peer for 7-digit dialing WITH the 9 access, as you described, such as this DP:

dial-peer voicp 10 pots

destination-pattern 9[2-9]......

port 0/1/0:23

forward-digits 7

Is this accurate?

Also, is this regardless of whether the CME is E164 reg or reg with a tech-prefix?

One more thing.......(keep in mind I'm still trying to understand details of GK configs such as this, with the CME)...Is it possible for a CME and the CCM trunk to "share" the same tech-prefix or being registered with the same? From what I have researched and read, EACH device must register with a tech-prefix if "default-technology" is NOT used. Is this also the case for the CME, or is it just need to register with its E164 numbers?

Thanks in Advance......

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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

Correct! Like I said you may choose to strip the 9 on CCM, and prefix it as part of the translation rule, and change the GK zone prefix not to include it, it's up to you.

CME may register it's DNs as e164 addresses, in which case you don't need tech prefix to reach them, but for toll-bypass this is the only way (or use default tech prefix).

Yes, CME and CCM can share the same tech prefix, and you simply control where to send the call with zone prefix.


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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

So, that's where I see in the docs, an example of, like CCM and CME "sharing" the same tech-prefix would be:

zone local abcd

no zone subnet abcd default enable

zone subnet abcd (CCM SUB as a trunk reg to GK)

zone subnet abcd

(CCM PUB as a trunk reg to GK)

zone subnet abcd

(CME reg as a H.323 GW to GK)

zone prefix 7... gw-priority 10 trunk_2

zone prefix 7... gw-priority 9 trunk_1

zone prefix 7... gw-priority 0 CME-GW

From the docs, it essentially showing that, when there is a sharing static tech prefix, you use the gw-priority to make the route decision if like devices are registered, as above....

Is this accurate?

Thanks in Advance, Chris.....YOU'VE BEEN A TREMENDOUS HELP!!

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Re: Tail-End Hop Off with a Gatekeeper

This is one example, however you can share the tech-prefix and still not have to use the gw-priority. The gw-priority is only needed when you send the same calls to different GWs, in this example 2 CCM servers (SUB and PUB for example).

Consider the following config:

zone local CM

zone local CME

zone prefix CM 7...

zone prefix CME 8...

Both CCM and CME can register with the same tech-prefix and yet based on the zone prefix you can send the calls to them appropriately.

Basically, there are the following ways GK can route calls:

1. Use default-tech-prefix

2. Use tech prefix

3. Use static alias, in CME case you can allow all ephone-dn to register with their e164 addresses, CCM cannot do that.


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