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Tandberg VCS X4.1 - Fan issue

Hi , i have a VCS version X4.1 with the following error:

Oct 2 20:10:24 logger: Event="Hardware Failure" Detail="Fan 3 ALARM: speed 1110 RPM" Level=1 Time=2014/10/02-19:10:24

Oct 2 20:10:24 logger: Event="Hardware Failure" Detail="Fan 3: 1110 RPM (min = 7670 RPM, div = 8) ALARM" Level=1 Time=2014/10/02-19:10:24

I change the fan and i still have the some problem. The fan is working.Anyone knows what can be the issue? Can i change fan speed in this version. Anybody have this old version X4.1 , because i have another vcs , but i dont have this version.

Best regards.

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Hi,Tandberg software , i


Tandberg software , i already find it at :


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Your question would be better

Your question would be better placed in the TelePresence section of the forums where these devices are more actively discussed than in the Other section you have posted in.

I'm glad to see that you've found the Tandberg FTP site with all the VCS firmware in it - I'm quite surprised that Cisco have even been uploading the newer releases there (although the lastest versions aren't there yet) given they've stopped uploading newer software for other devices (ie TC endpoint software).

I'd strongly suggest you consider upgrading from X4.1 to a more recent version which includes many compatibility and vulnerability fixes.  The latest as of this post is X8.2.2 (with X8.5 due in the near future).

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
VIP Purple

You might be running into the

You might be running into the following bug CSCud24211.

If you log into the VCS using the root account, you can run the command "sensors" to get current data about the fans.  Noted in the details of the bug above they updated the minimum fan RPM starting with VCS release X7.2.1.  I just checked ours and the new RPM is now 3516, you're VCS is reporting less than that.  If the VCS has an active support contract, and you're worried about the fan you could open a TAC case.

In addition to what Wayne has said about upgrading your VCS, if you don't have a support contract for it, you can upgrade to X8.2.2 without one, because it's in response to the following security advisory that will allow you access to the upgraded software for free.  Just contact TAC and reference the advisory.

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Hi ,thanks for your responses

Hi ,thanks for your responses.

My problem with the upgrade is that i have 4 VCS's ( 2X VCSc and 2X VCSe) in cluster , and i have TMS version 12.2 , MCU and several end-points running old versions. I cant upgrade just one vcs becouse of the compatibility's with TMS , End-points and because its a cluster , correct? Where can i find some compatibility matrix to check the possibility of this upgrade?

Best Regards

VIP Purple

Are you using provisioning

Are you using provisioning with your TMS/VCS deployment for endpoints such as Jabber Video (Movi)?  If you are, in order to upgrade either TMS and/or VCS, you'd have to migrate to TMS Provisioning Extension as TMS Agent Legacy was depreciated in I the early releases of TMS 14.x.  The following pages here can help determining what is and isn't compatible with the newer versions of TMS.

As for upgrading your various VCS clusters, with the noted security advisory in my previous post, you can use that for all them to get them upgraded.

There are also some other security advisories for various Cisco endpoints that will allow you to upgrade them as well.  What endpoints are you concerned with in regarding to upgrading?

MCU doesn't require a release key, so you can upgrade that without issue.

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Hi again,for now it's better

Hi again,

for now it's better for us keep the actual version X4.1 . This way i dont have to upgrade all. I open a case and now i have the correct release key for version 4.1 and i already install it and it's working. I not yet put in production this "new" vcs with the same version. I copy the xconfiguration from the old one to the new one , and it seems good. I have one more question. I dont know why but when i connect to my new vcs it show me that is a VCS EXPRESWAY and not a VCS Control. Can i change this role? It will be any problem with this?


In my deployment i dont have any movi , the end-point are mx,and sx, and so on .



VIP Purple

You can remove the Expressway

You can remove the Expressway option from your VCS be deleting the "Traversal Server" option key under Maintenance > Options Keys.  Once done, that will turn the VCS into a Control, if you ever want to make it an Expressway again in the future, just take note of the option key so you can add it back.

Note, the removed option key will work only for that particular VCS as it's tied to it's serial number.  Which means, if you install this "new" VCS which is currently an Expressway that you're going to turn into a Control to replace you're "old" one, and you find you need an Expressway for whatever reason, you can't take the old Control and use the removed option key from the new one.  It's best if you have a like for like VCS, meaning almost simliar option keys and/or features you should use that.

Something else to note, since you're running VCS clusters, you'll want to be sure the install option keys across all VCS are the same (such as FindMe), if one has more than the other than you should remove the extra ones.  Non-traversal and Traversal call licenses don't count with what I just said, you can have any number of those, it doesn't matter, it's just the option keys that add "features".

Since you don't use Jabber Video (Movi), that's a plus, which means unless you're using TMS to provision your physical endpoints, you shouldn't have a problem upgrading when you find the need to.  Suggest you take a look through all the release notes from the version you're running to the current release, give you an idea of what's changed and what to expect going forward.

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Hi, thats it! I have now my

Hi, thats it! I have now my VCS Control.

Thank you very much.

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