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New Member

TAPI for CME and .Net

Hello everyone!

I would like to know if it is possible to build a .Net Application (C# or Vb.Net) in order to communicate with the CME TAPI in order to retrieve the Line CallState and put this info into a Database.

I would like to know if it is possible to do this under .Net Environment or Visual Studio 6 or if it is only possible developing in c or C++.

I hope that someone can help me!

Thank you very much in advance!

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Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

I'm afraid TAPI is a native W32 interface.. so either you write everything using interop (perfectly doable but it'll take you time and interop isn't exactly known for being extremely fast), or you search google for .net and tapi (there are a few wrapper projects) and see if the wrapper will work for you.

If not, you need to use TAPI in the native way, meaning C(++), VB (not VB.NET), or whatever other native language you're familiar with.

New Member

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

Please check:

They provide a .NET wrapper for the TAPI interface. I'm using it also with C#, works great!

On his website are also some useful examples.

Good Luck!

New Member

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

Hello, thank you very much for your info, but my problem is not the wrapper, my problem is to understand if there is a TSP for CallManagerExpress which permits me to get the status info of all the registred ip phones on the CME.

Cna you help me please understand this ?

I have downloaded the CMETSP.exe but it permits only to monitor 1 ip phone, so this is not for me.

If you can suggest me another way to obtain that info it would be greatfull!

New Member

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

For as far as I know there is no CME TSP which allows you to monitor all available phones... just an other limitation of CME ;)

New Member

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

Ok, I was thinking about that.

But there should be a way to retrieve the status info of the CME extensions, or not?

What do you think about XML, AXL ?

What do you think about connection to a Database?

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net

There's no database as such on the CME (well maybe there is but there's definitely no access.. it's a black box).

However ,using Router XML ( you can get a list of all extensions (call ISgetDevice and give "All" as device Name), and from that you could start monitoring those lines via TAPI. I just read the first few lines of the TAPI guide but it mentions you could send a popup when an incoming call comes to a phone so you can definitely monitor call events, and from call events you can deduce the phone's state

Also, you can get up/down status messages via routerXML.

As far as the limitation of phones goes.. this is a common TAPI problem because it's a first party and not third party interface. However, we've installed TSPs (though not from Cisco) multiple times on the same machine (Terminal Server environment) and while it's a major hassle, it did work out. So perhaps that's something you'd like to try if you can manage somehow and if not, I'm afraid you'll have to look at an upgrade to CCM or give up on the monitoring (or if the events you can get via routerxml or the status you can get with ISgetExtension are enough you can just limit yourself to that).

Perhaps (I don't know CME well enough), you have some maintenance command on the router that would allow you to get the line status.. so here's another idea: telnet into the router, and call that command every few seconds and parse the output.

New Member

Re: TAPI for CME and .Net


I tried two different ways:

1) install the CiscoCMETSP.exe on a pc, but I noticed that this allow only to monitor 1 extension. so ialso tried to install multiple instances but on the Modem -->TSP--> I always see the last installation, in conclusion 1 extension per time. This is no good for me because I need to monitor all the extensions.

2)We are trying to develop a little java application which make the xml connection on to the CME, do the authentication, and sends the xml request IsGetDevice passing the DeviceName. This works, but no answer from the CME. This is our problem.

This can be a solution, even if we can understand if an extension is doing a transfer, but this is another problem.

We are blocked on this xml request and response, we are sure that we build correclty the connection, authentication and request, but we don't understand why we have no answer.

We don't know if we have to push into the CME a html file instead the xml-test.html whihc is present fo test, I'm really loose :-(

Have you a sample code, a suggestion, can you make me in contact with a person who wants to guide me ?