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TAPI for Paging(Intercom) application or IP Services?

If I can, I would like to use TAPI to fill the following requirements:

1.) Perform a page (intercom call) to a group of phones

2.) Send text messages to a group of phones.

I would like to use TAPI as it 'fits' better with my devolopement environment (VC 6) and my experience (not experienced with web services).

Is it possible to perform BOTH of these operations via TAPI? If so, can someone point me in the direction of a sample or suggest 'how to do this'. Any help is appreciated.

I am on a tight schedule (not my fault). So any assistance is greatly appreciated.

CM- 4.2(3), IP Phones- 7961G.


Re: TAPI for Paging(Intercom) application or IP Services?

here's the appropriate tapi developer guide:

I'm a JTAPI guy myself so I can't answer the TAPI questions - for JTAPI I'd say it's no and yes.. I know you can send text, I'm not sure you can page. Since features don't necessarily match, you'll have to consult the developer guide to make sure.

And in the developer services central ( you'll find a few TAPI examples.

Wait a tick.. of course you can page. I have no idea about "regular" paging used on a normal phone system and if there's some built in functionality in Call Manager to do this as well.. but you can just push CiscoIPPhoneExecute Items with RTPMRx: and RTPMTx :commands (Tx to the one who wants to scream at people.. Rx to those who should listen) to the phones.. you don't even need CTI for this ... it's the same push mechanism and it also works via regular HTTP Post to all the phones you're trying to reach (naturally you'll have to look up their IP addresses via DeviceListX.asp) and resolve MAC addresses (= phone name = SEP.....) to phone numbers (AXL) so CTI has its bonuses in that department (speed, single authentication to the CCM versus authentication per phone, no need for AXL).

New Member

Re: TAPI for Paging(Intercom) application or IP Services?

TAPI Developer Guide- That's the document I've been using.

TAPI examples- I've downloaded the two available. The second sample helped in that it includes CiscoLineDevSpecificMsg.h, which contains the Cisco extensions to TAPI. I'm checking out the CCiscoLineDevSpecificUserControlRTPStream class; perhaps this is the approach to take regarding paging via TAPI?

I've seen the RTPMRx 'stuff' before when digging through this forum (e.g. hootie sample). I'm trying to stick with TAPI to accomplish my two tasks if at all possible.

CallManager Built-in paging functionality- Interesting thought, I have dug around quite a bit in the CM to perform my testing setup. I have yet to see anything of the sort; might warrant a search.

Thanks for the help (again).

New Member

Re: TAPI for Paging(Intercom) application or IP Services?

You don't need TAPI or JTAPI for paging. All you need is HTTP POST using CiscoIPPhoneExecute and RTPRx and RTPMx.