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TAPS Configuration

I am running CCM 3.3(3)sr4 and latest OS. I have CRA 3.1(1) installed.

I want to setup TAPS and I know I need CTI-RP and associated CTI-Ports. I made a TAPS_PT and TAPS_CSS, I put the RP in the TAPS PT along with the other numbers. I made a user JTAPI and associated the RP and PORTs to that user with no primary extension.

When I setup the engine in CRA and put all the information in and I try to start the engine. I get the JTAPI service is OOS. It will not start.

Is there a DOC with Pictures :-) that shows exactly how to setup TAPS. I did not put in any CFB, CFNA nor CF on Failure in any of the Ports nor RP.

Do I point the first port to the second port on busy or no answer? Do I point the CFB, CFNA and Failure on the RP to the RP itself or to the first CTI port?

Thanks in advance!

New Member

Re: TAPS Configuration

brian henry

Your on the way:

There are some things you have to check

Check under the Windows 2000 Services, and you can check the status of the Cisco TAPS Service. Manually start the service and see if it stops by itself a few seconds later. If it does it's probably the TAPS file that has an incorrect path to the Java home directory. I can't remember the bug ID off the top of my head, but it's there! The file is in c:\ciscowebs\bat\taps\tapsservice. Make sure the line reads


Put away the DNS names and make it the IP-address.

There are no DOCS with pictures.

You don't have to put in CFB CFNA Or something to the route point


Marc de Groot

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