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Taps issue

I have taps working ok, can dial RP and TAPS answers, what I am trying to do and have done many times is have a CSS with a single partition that point to a translation pattern which then only dials the taps RP,

this is the part that is not working, I pick up the phone (blank TP kicks in) dials Taps RP (8888) but then I get a busy tone, it working fine not using the Translation pattern,

have I missed some thing obovious?



Re: Taps issue

setup a TAPS CSS, with a TAPS PT, assign the AutoReg phones to use these. assign the RoutePoint to the TAPS CSS, assign DN to TAPS PT. assign CTI port(s) to the TAPS CSS, assign CTI port(s) DN to the TAPS PT.

make your TAPS Pilot a PLAR and you can just pick up the phone and it will dial TAPS. no user intervention required to get it dialed. :)

Community Member

Re: Taps issue

yes , that is what I am doing and have done many times, but for some reason when I try and dial the TAPS route point from a translation pattern I get busy tone.

I also get busy tone if I set a phone to Call FW ALL to the route point,

is there a bug with this version of extended services: version 3.5 (3)

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