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TAPS not working - Script not playing

I have

CM 4.1.3 sr3

CRA 3.5.3

I can install the script OK and services are all running. When I dial the route point the call is connected but there is just silent for about two seconds and then call hangs up. Is this a bug or have I overlook something? Call is definitely hitting the CRA server as seen in trace file.

Thanks in advance.


Re: TAPS not working - Script not playing

Are you following this procedure?

TAPS service and JTAPI services are fine?

New Member

Re: TAPS not working - Script not playing

Yes I follow the procedure and TAPS and JTAPI Services are fine. Call is connected to CRA server but nothing is streamed back.

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Re: TAPS not working - Script not playing


I found out that the TAPS.aef is not working. I tested the aa.aef file and it works fine. When I validate the TAPS.aef file it comes back with a java.lang error. Anybody seen this before?

New Member

Re: TAPS not working - Script not playing

This is the error that I am getting when I run the validate on the CRA Script Editor


at java/lang/Class.forName

at com/cisco/wfframework/steps/core/ClassInfo.showDeclaredMethods (

at com/cisco/wfframework/steps/core/StepHost.compile (

at com/cisco/wfframework/obj/WFBeanStep.compile (

at com/cisco/wfframework/obj/WFWorkflowUtility.validateSteps (

at com/cisco/wfframework/obj/WFWorkflowUtility.compileWorkflow (

at com/cisco/wfframework/obj/WFWorkflow.compile (

at com/cisco/wfframework/editor/ui/wfc/Form1.findCompileErrors (

at com/cisco/wfframework/editor/ui/wfc/Form1.toolsCompileMenuItem_click (

at com/ms/wfc/core/EventHandler.invoke (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/MenuItem.onClick (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/MenuItem$MenuItemData.execute (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Command.invoke (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Command.dispatchID (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control.wmCommand (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control.wndProc (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Form.wndProc (

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control$ControlWindow.wndProc (

at com/ms/wfc/app/Window.callback (

at com/ms/wfc/win32/Windows.DispatchMessage (

at com/ms/wfc/app/Application$ThreadContext.runMessageLoop (

at com/ms/wfc/app/ (

at com/cisco/wfframework/editor/ui/wfc/Form1.main (

at com/cisco/wfframework/editor/WFEditor.main (

at WFCCNEditor.main (

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Re: TAPS not working - Script not playing

What codec did you select when you installed CRS? I have similar symptom when the CRS was installed with g.729, the TAPS prompts are all g.711, I had to convert the prompt and then it worked fine.


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