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TAPS on CCM 3.3 without CRA

Hi there

I used to be able to run TAPS on CallManager 3.1 without a CRA server by registering the scripton the CallManager with extended services. This effectively installed a cut down CRA server on the CCM.

Is there a way to do this on CallManager 3.3. ie : Run TAPS without a CRA engine?



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Re: TAPS on CCM 3.3 without CRA

We just set it up the same way you described. You install extended services auto attendant app. It will install a "cutdown" verison of CRA with the engine and all. Then you need to configure the TAPS app in CRA and the CTI ports and CTI route points in the call manager. Just an FYI, also, we ran into a problem with the TAPS service not staying started, even though the engine was running. Found that our java client was down rev. We had to point our "wrapper.properities" file to a newer version of the java applet to fix it. This was a bug in 3.3(2).

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Re: TAPS on CCM 3.3 without CRA


I have the same Problem. Can you tell me waht for revision work and wehre can i get this bug fix?

Thank you

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Re: TAPS on CCM 3.3 without CRA

The file in the c:\ciscowebs\bat\taps\tapsservice directory needs to be modified. I tested on 3.3.3sr1, just needed to change the wrapper.javabin line to read:


Restart the TAPS service and you should be good.


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