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TCL issue on IOS 15.1 - Authenticating a local user

Hi All,

We're using a TCL script since years on Cisco voice routers, for DISA services in our company.

Since we've upgraded to 15.1 branch, this script doesn't work anymore.

The script should identify a local user, ANI_ANONYMOUS, then :

   ø play an announcement

   ø collect DTMF from the dialer

   ø establish a call to the phone number dialed (thru the voice dial-peer).

After a 15.1 upgrade, the user ANI_ANONYMOUS cannot get identified anymore, and when we try to establish a phone call, the router  just says :

002512: Mar  7 08:23:24.802: //13//OSP       :/Dest_Settlement_MatrixCheck: retcode=2 cid(13) trans=0x0,       provider=0 User is not authenticated and not roaming

The way to identify the local user is, on the TCL :

            set ani_unknown ANI_ANONYMOUS

            aaa authenticate $ani_unknown ""   <<<<<<<  here is the local identification

            set status [infotag get evt_status]               

            leg collectdigits leg_incoming param1  <<<<<< then we gather DTMF digits from the dialer

Then we have a local authentication method on the router :

aaa authentication login h323 local group radius


Here is how we launch the TCL service :


service ivr_niv2_site flash:ivr_niv2_site.tcl



dial-peer voice 2 pots

description IVR pour surnumerotation

service ivr_niv2_site

incoming called-number xxxxxxxx

port 0/0/0:23

As soon as we downgrade to 15.0, the script works again.

001067: Mar  7 10:07:39.716: //9//TCL :/tcl_AAAObjCmd:  aaa       authenticate ANI_ANONYMOUS 
001068: Mar  7 10:07:39.716: //9//TCL :/tcl_AuthenticateObjCmd:        authenticate ANI_ANONYMOUS 
001069: Mar  7 10:07:39.716: //9//TCL :/tcl_AuthenticateObjCmd:       account=ANI_ANONYMOUS, password=, methodList=, av-send=

If we upgrade to IOS 15.1, the user ANI_ANONYMOUS is not loggued by the local TCL script, there is not any line  regarding ANI_ANONYMOUS in the debug file.

Does anyone know if the way to login local users on IOS 15.1 changed for TCL scripts ?

Thanks for your help

Regards / Ben

Included : Our TCL script

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