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TCL IVR script: Problems making a simple call.

I'm trying to get a simple TCL IVR script running on a on a 3745 with IOS IP Plus 12.3(1) , but I am not able to setup a call.

The important lines from the tcl-script:

leg proceeding leg_incoming

leg setup 166 callInfo leg_incoming <-- this line generates the error

Here is the outgoing voice peer from the running config.

dial-peer voice 166 voip

destination-pattern 1..

session target ipv4:

codec g711ulaw

This h323 peer is a simple Netmeeting client on my PC.

Here is the debug output (debug voice ivr all):

6d01h: Destination SetupPeer cid(242), destPat(166), match(1), prefix(), peer(63BE064C)

6d01h: //-1//PCM :HN1F3772A4:/DNSetupPeer: cid(242), can't gateway with peer tag(166)

6d01h: //-1//PCM :HN1F3772A4:/DNInitiate: DestinationSetupPeer Failed.

6d01h: //-1//PCM :HN1F3772A4:/DNCleanup: Terminate=TRUE Status DN_CANTGATEWAY

Any suggestions would be appreciated. It would also be helpful If you know a place where to get simple script examples.


Daniel Steinke

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