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TCL script caused 5300 to reboot...

Dear all,

I have coded a simple tcl function which should call itself 6-7 times at max. I mean it is recursive function and in some cases it will reach this depth of recursion. I have checked and it works great in tclsh under linux and then I decided to test it on 5300. it worked fine with recursion depth=3 but then when it had to call itself again it suddenly logged: too many nested calls to TCL_EVAL() and router rebooted. I have searched for this error and found that this is tcl problem and in some cases recursive procedures can cause segmentation fault but not after 4 calls but much more. approximately 127. I have tested and on my linux box I got seg fault after 997 recursive calls. the same result I got with c program but after ~697000 calls. After all I dont know how to correct my problem with 5300. Is it possible to increase this value(3) up to 6-7. As I understand there is problems with stack, and maybe there are some commands that can help me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. waiting for your answers. Thank you in advance.


Re: TCL script caused 5300 to reboot...

It sounds like an IOS change to me. You’ll want to talk to TAC.

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