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TDD and Call Manager

I would be interested in finding out how people are implementing TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) with Call Manager. I am required to supply TDD connections, but Call Manager does not support TDD from what I have been able to find.

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Re: TDD and Call Manager

The TDD devices that I have used were basically audio coupling devices, place the phone on the cradle of the TDD machine. I have tested that an IP phone will work correctly when cradledon a TDD.

If the TDD has the integrated phone line, then you would have to use an analog port just as you would any analog device, the TDD should work fine.

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Re: TDD and Call Manager

Does Cisco have any plans on developing an application for TDD? Seems silly to buy 40 year old technology to do something that should be comparatively simple (I think, although admittedly I am not the one who would have to do it) to write a software program for.

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