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Telephone Record and Playback Related Questions

Our client is moving to a CallManager as their new IP PBX.<br>But for the time being, we need the ability to support a legacy Lucent Merlin key switch until a full deployment is possible.<br><br>I have just installed a dual integration of Unity 2.4.6 102.<br><br>The integration with CallManager seems fine, but we are waiting for a Lucent administrator to arrive later this week so that is delayed. We have taken the Lucent ports "out of service" for the time being.<br><br>Under Switch on Unity:<br>Switch is set correctly at: Lucent Merlin Legend (4 Ports)<br>IP Switch is set correctly at: Call Manager 3.0.8 (4 Ports)<br><br>Under Ports on Unity:<br>The Port Assignments has the Lucent-Merlin Legend at 1 - 4<br>and the Call Manager is set at 5 through 8.<br><br>The issue is that I receive an error "No ports on the voice server are available for outgoing calls" when trying to use the Phone Record and Playback function from the GUI. In this case, right on the Unity server console.<br><br>Any opinion on why this is happening?<br><br>Another related question is when I try to get Call Manager to be 1 - 4 under port assignments, Unity prevents this saying the Lucent must be the first switch.<br><br>Is this normal? How do I get Call Manager to be the primary<br>switch, since it will be around long after the Lucent is retired?<br><br>Also, is it possible to convert the licenses associated with the Lucent to add to the port count associated with Call Manager?<br><br>Lastly, is it necessary to add the port extensions to those ports associated with Call Manager under port assignments. I have, but it seems to work without the information as well.<br><br>Thanks<br><br><br>


Re: Telephone Record and Playback Related Questions

You might have already checked this, but according to your configuration, at least one of the ports in the 5-8 range should be enabled for "MM Record".

It is normal that Unity wants the Legacy PBX in a dual-switch environment to be the first switch. If the Legacy PBX is eventually transitioned out, the Call Manager can become the "primary" switch in a dual-switch configuration when there is really no Legacy PBX at all. If the Legacy PBX is transitioned out, and the site wishes to convert analog to IP voice mail ports, it will likely require an uninstall and reinstall of the TSP drivers.

As long as the key has "Multiple" as the integration type, it really doesn't matter which port goes to which integration. However, it will matter in TAPI-land. It sounds like you have an 8 port key, and the Unity system is courrently configured for 4 IP and 4 analog. If you wanted to move to 6 IP and 2 analog, you won't need a key change, but it will require a re-install of the AvSkinny TAPI drivers.

There might be more ways to do this, but here is how I changed my 4 analog, 4 IP port Unity into a 2 analog, 6 IP port Unity:

Uninstall AvSkinnyTSP
Reinstall AvSkinnyTSP.
Configure 6 AvSkinnyTSP ports.
Change SA "ports" page to reflect 2 analog ports and 6 IP ports.
Restart Unity.

There is some logic in the TSP that takes a look to see if the "called id" matches a Unity port number. If it does match the port number, then the reason for the call is changed from what would normally be "forwarded" to "direct". For this logic to be implemented, Unity needs to know what it's extensions are, and that is where the SA ports page comes into place. It may work without it, but I would continue to place the extension numbers into those fields.

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